Boots No7 Beautiful Skin

The new, easy-to-use Beautiful Skin line from Boots USA is a two-step range of everyday skincare cleansers and moisturizers, tailored to your specific skin type.

Step 1 is to cleanse, and I tried the Cleansing Lotion.
Beautiful Skin cleansers quickly and gently remove all traces of dirt and impurities, leaving you with clean, healthy skin. I found that there is no need for a separate toner.
Step 2 is to moisturize, and I tried the Night Cream.
All the Boots day creams deliver SPF 15 and Broad Spectrum UV Protection, while the night creams work to promote optimum hydration while you sleep.

I definitely saw that my skin was hydrated and refreshed after using the night cream.
Beautiful Skin products are color-coded for your skin type: Normal/Oily (Pink), Normal/Dry (Green), and Dry/Very Dry (Lilac).

See all the products at

I learned about Boots because some Influensters received these products complimentary for the Beauty VoxBox (I did not).
I purchased the products on my own, and all opinions here are mine.


Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

I received a complimentary Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.
The candle I tested was “Cider Lane,” and I was immediately impressed at how strong the fragrance was. I am often frustrated by the vague scent of candles, so I was delighted that this one had some “oomph”!
By the same token, I often get bored after using a large candle for more than a week, so I am excited about the Bath & Body Works line of mini candles, which come in adorable glass containers and facilitate frequent refreshment of your living room!

The mini candles burn for about 15 hours. Bath & Body Works does, of course, have jumbo sizes (and large and medium) as well, so you can pick a more lasting version of your favorite!
Some of the scents that appeal to me in the winter collection are: Fresh Balsam, Winter Candy Apple, Peppermint Mocha, Frosted Gingerbread, and Brandied Pear.
Learn more at
and read more reviews at

Kiss® Ever PRO Lashes Starter Kit

For my latest review, I tested the Kiss® Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit. Each kit includes one pair of eyelashes, one adhesive,and one PRO lash applicator. I had actually never tried applying eyelashes before, so I was a true novice. The directions on the package were simple to follow. You can also see a demo at if you want more tips for “flawless application.”
I wore the lashes to an evening party and felt especially glamorous! The lashes–made from 100% human hair–are a fun way to enhance your natural beauty.

Kiss Ever PRO Lash Starter Kit retails for $4.99 and is available at Walgreens stores nationwide.
For more information and how-to videos, you can visit

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster but opinions are my own.
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NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact

I recently tested the NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact. This is an all-in-one compact with everything you need for a complete eye look. It includes primer, illuminator, applicator, and complementing shadows.

I received the one for brown eyes. It has four colors: one for all over lid; one highlighter; and two for crease/contour. You can experiment and create lots of beauty looks with the product.
It’s fun and easy to stash in your purse.
It costs less than $5, so you don’t have to make a big investment.
Visit the NYC New York Color website for more info:
and follow them on Twitter: @nycnewyorkcolor
You can see the reviews at too:
Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster but opinions are my own.

imPRESS Press On Manicure

I love showing off painted nails (and toenails in the summertime), but applying nail polish (and re-applying, and re-applying…) can get old.
A press-on manicure is a great option–simply simply peel off from the package, press on, and you’re done.
I tried out the Velvet Rope (lovely purple) color of imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails.

They were easy to apply and looked great. I received many compliments at work and performed all my normal family activities–and they did last 7 days! I plan to try some of the other pretty designs as well. My daughter is dying to use press-on nails, but my rule on that is no makeup until she’s older. In the meantime, she can admire my imPRESSive manicure!

Have fun exploring the imPRESS website!

**I received this product complimentary to test from the Influenster program. Learn more at

Kiss Nail Dress

As part of my participation in the Influenster community

I received the fabulous “Love VoxBox
You can see my Pinterest board of the contents at:

and read my previous post about the box (see blog archives in sidebar)…

One of the items was a new fashion accessory:
Kiss Nail Dress —the ultimate in nail fashion!
Kiss Nail Dress is a sticker; it is applied in a similar fashion to polish strips.
These nail stickers are easy to use and meant to last up to 10 days.
The good thing is that you can put them on in minutes and take them off in seconds without remover. The stickers fit all nails – tips and toes.
They come in lots of exciting colors & patterns. Some even have 3-dimensional jewels or glittery designs that make them unique, and you can mix-and-match if you’re brave!

I received the sample in a primal leopard print “Sexy” design.
I usually paint my toes but not my hands, so it was fun using these and getting lots of compliments on my exotic kitty nails!
These nail stickers would look fantastic with a leopard print dress (like this one from Karen Kane)

or a leopard print shoulder clutch like the Keegan quilted shoulder clutch found here:

Follow Kiss Nail Dress at @kissproducts
#kissnaildress Give them a try!

I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes!

Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review

In my previous post I discussed the fantastic contents of the #LoveVoxBox I received from Influenster.
I have been using the Truvía® and decided to try one of the recipes on their website:

I made the Cinnamon Broccoli Salad with Truvia® Natural Sweetener–it was delicious and healthy!

Here is the recipe on their site:
Cinnamon Broccoli Salad with Truvia® Natural Sweetener
A colorful, slightly sweet tart salad. So tasty, you might not remember it’s good for you! This salad has less sugar and contains fewer calories than a full sugar version.
6 servings
Cinnamon Broccoli Salad
3 cups broccoli florets and pieces
1 cup celery sliced on bias (3 stalks)
1 cup red bell pepper, diced ½”
½ cup red onion, halved julienne ¼ “x1”
½ cup vinegar, white, distilled
2 tbsp + 1 tsp Truvia® natural sweetener spoonable*
½ tsp salt
1/8 tsp black pepper, ground
½ tsp cinnamon, ground
¼ cup canola or olive oil
* or 8 packets Truvia® natural sweetener

1. Assemble all ingredients.
2. Place prepared broccoli, celery, red bell peppers, onion in a mixing bowl; toss.
3. Place vinegar, Truvia® natural sweetener, salt, pepper, and cinnamon in small mixing bowl; whisk together.
4. While whisking, drizzle in oil; whisk until well mixed.
5. Pour dressing over ingredients; toss.
6. Allow to chill in refrigerator until served.

Calories 110; Total Fat, 10g; Saturated Fat, 0.5g; Trans Fat, 0g; Cholesterol, 0mg; Sodium, 280mg; Total Carbohydrate, 10g; Dietary Fiber, 2g; Sugars, 2g; Erythritol, 4g: Protein, 1g; Vitamin A, 25% DV; Vitamin C, 100% DV; Calcium, 4% DV; Iron, 2% DV.

I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.

♥♥♥ Love Vox Box ♥♥♥

I am proud to call myself a member of the Influenster community.
It’s a wonderful program in which you can unlock badges that define who you are, get products that fit your lifestyle, give feedback on products you try, share top find with your friends, and shop deals from brands you love.
Find them at:

Qualifying members periodically have the opportunity to receive a VoxBox, and I was one of the lucky ladies selected to receive the “Love VoxBox.”
You can see my Pinterest board of the contents at:

My favorite item in the box was the Stash Premium Herbal Tea Sampler; a variety pack of Nine Flavored tea bags; two each of: Apple Cinnamon, Chamomile, Lemon Ginger, Licorice Spice, Peppermint, Orange Starfruit, Mango Passionfruit, Wild Raspberry and Blueberry I am a tea addict and love having all the choices in one box! Also, @stash is an all-organic tea. Perfect for every occasion! #stashtea

A close competitor for my favorite item was the Ghirardelli Creamy Devotion™ Gourmet Milk™ chocolate bar. I was planning to take a photo of the partially eaten bar to post. Guess why that didn’t happen…good thing I also received 2 coupons…
Absolutely positively impossible to stop at just one square. Deliciozo. I am devoted.
I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for Ghirardelli, because about 10 years ago I went on a wonderful visit to San Francisco (including Ghirardelli Square), and I adore their assorted SQUARES™ Chocolates. The Creamy Devotion™ bar is only 32% cacao, but I suspect that even dark chocolate aficionados will like the taste.
You can follow @LoveGhirardelli for updates on new products! #iloveghirardelli

Truvía ®: I’ve tried it before and was pleased to find a Truvía® sample box (plus coupon) in the LoveVoxBox. This natural sweetener—made from the stevia plant—is delicious to my palate. No calories. No chemical aftertaste (as the tagline says, “honestly sweet”). Perfect for putting in coffee drinks, sweet tea, oatmeal, fruit salad, and anything else you can think of. Truvía® is a good sugar alternative for people with diabetes and is also kosher certified. True love indeed.
Follow @truvia #truvia
You can also visit for helpful answers to FAQs.

Next, there was a new fashion accessory: Kiss Nail Dress—the ultimate in nail fashion! These nail stickers are easy to apply and meant to last up to 10 days. I received them in a primal leopard print design, but they come in lots of exciting colors & patterns.
I am waiting for a special occasion to try these out, so stay tuned!
@kissproducts #kissnaildress

Finally, the Gillette Venus razor + Olay™ moisture = soft, smooth legs without using shaving cream! The razor arrived just in time for the warm weather that we’re starting to have down in the South. I hate shaving. This sleek Venus makes the ordeal much more pleasant!
@gillettevenus #GoddessSkin

Thanks for reading and letting me share the LOVE!

Disclaimer: I received these products to test for free through the Influenster VoxBox program.