Teeccino: A Healthy Coffee Alternative

Are you a coffee person or tea person? Some people have a strong preference, but I have always been a drinker of both, depending on time of day or depending on my mood.
Teeccino Herbal Coffee is a unique beverage that combines some of the healthy aspects of both coffee and tea.
Teeccino is naturally caffeine-free and non-acidic, but it still provides a natural energy boost. It comes in ground form, like coffee, or in tea-bag form. You can choose from light, medium or dark roast. There are even tasty flavors like Chocolate Raspberry or Caramel Nut!
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Disclosure: As a Naturally Savvy Team Blogger, I received free samples of Teeccino for review purposes.
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Coffee Personality Quiz

Did you know the relationship you have with your coffee could say a lot about your temperament?
Take this Coffee Personality Quiz created by NESCAFÉ TASTER’S CHOICE to find out what your daily cup says about you!
Let me know in the comments below what your results were and if you think it’s accurate about your disposition. Have fun!

I ended up as Mostly B (The Enthusiast) which is appropriate, because I am an enthusiastic member of @NescafeUSA Tasters !

Coffee Personality Quiz:

1. When do you usually drink your coffee?
a) Evenings, for when I like to relax.
b) Mornings or afternoon, for a pick me up.
c) Always! Bottomless cup, please.

2. Describe the cup you drink out of
a) I can’t, it’s covered in whipped cream.
b) Cup? Oh, you mean my tumbler.
c) It has my name on it, I made sure of it.

3. About how many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
a) Once in a while, as a treat.
b) One in the morning, and a couple more scattered throughout the day to keep me going.
c) Too many to count.

4. If I see you drinking coffee, you’re likely to be
a) Enjoying life.
b) Waking up.
c) Working hard.

5. If you don’t get your coffee fix, what happens?
a) Nothing.
b) I’m a little sleepy, but nothing I can’t handle.
c) I get grumpy and irritable.

6. Which best describes your coffee drink?
a) Liquid dessert.
b) It varies.
c) Caffeine overload.

7. You have coffee in one hand, what’s in the other?
a) A shopping bag.
b) A pen.
c) Another cup of coffee.

8. How do you buy your coffee?
a) I like to look for flavors I enjoy.
b) I like to try new and interesting flavors.
c) I stick to blends that will give me the kick I need.

9. You are most likely to drink a:
a) Latte- sweet and delicious.
b) Regular coffee- a good balance between a treat and a kick.
c) Espresso- strong and effective.

10. Finish this sentence: I love a good cup of coffee and a great ___.
a) Magazine.
b) Adventure.
c) Nap.

Now, count up how many times you chose A, B, or C and find the personality that matches your score:

Mostly A Young at Heart- Hello, social butterfly. You enjoy coffee as a treat for yourself and always explore different flavors and toppings with every sip. You are a trendsetter and are likely to follow all the gossip magazines. Your drink is one part coffee, two parts sugar, and three parts whipped cream. Sweet, fun-loving and not too serious just like the drink in your hand.

Mostly B The Enthusiast- You drink coffee daily and are open to trying new things. You are more adventurous, relaxed, spontaneous, and humorous. You are also a hard worker but you know how to balance your work life with your social life. Coffee for you is in your daily routine. You are not afraid of tackling the tasks you have ahead of you because you like success and are goal driven. Do not let anyone get in your way.

Mostly C Coffee Addict- You no longer have blood running in your veins, instead you are running entirely on coffee and cannot last a second without it. When your friends yell out “shots”, you reach for your espresso cup. You are an extremely ambitious, focused, and hardworking and you know it.

Making History

I am a historian, and spending so much time delving in to the past does mean that it takes me a while to “catch up” to the present. I am no Luddite, and I love technology; but, I admit, I am sometimes a “slow adopter.”
This is my first blog post (please be kind)!

Subject? Product reviews, contests, coupons, deals, family matters–and, when possible, I’ll be taking small nuggets of history and connecting them to the contemporary world.
Goal? To inform, entertain, and engage readers in conversation.
Inspiration? I am a member of @NescafeUSA Tasters, and their ‘Tools for Blogging’ activity really helped both inform and inspire me to get cracking on this.

Take a look through old newspapers at your local library--the stories may fascinate you!

So, stay tuned to this channel for more posts!
Thank you!!