Dino Lingo ~ Language Learning for Kids

My mother grew up in Holland, and when I was young (in the U.S.), my family would often visit her relatives there. I was able to learn to speak a bit of Dutch by being around family members in Holland each year. I have not been back in eons and would love to teach my children to speak Dutch so we could all visit together someday.

I purchased the Dutch edition of Dino Lingo, because there is no way I could teach them myself–I need a refresher course too!

According to Dino Lingo:

Children can quickly learn and speak Dutch, thanks to the award-winning lessons by Dino Lingo Kids
Dino Lingo Dutch for Kids is an award-winning language teaching program pedagogically designed for small children.
This program consists of 5 DVDs, 100 flash cards, posters and the parents guide.
After watching the DVDs several times and playing with the flash cards, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases in Dutch.
Dino Lingo Dutch for Kids is suitable for all children between the ages of 2 to 7 years old.

So far my children (ages 3 and 6) have watched the first two videos:
DVD 1 – Let’s Count : Numbers and colors / 35 min.
DVD 2 – Let’s Eat : Food, fruit and vegetables / 35 min.

and they were very receptive to the dvds.
We hung up the fun posters in their bedrooms.
We also started using the flash cards that teach the most common one hundred words in Dutch.
I am learning even more than the kids are!!
We are planning to have lessons 3x/week during July and August.
The set is definitely expensive, but it’s high-quality; it’s cheaper than a private tutor; and I’m hoping it will work!

Learn more at www.dinolingo.com

Influenster provided some of its members with complimentary Dino Lingo products; I did not receive one from them but was inspired to learn more about Dino Lingo, because other Influensters were testing the products.


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