Gift Cards Rock

Have you ever been completely stumped about what to give somebody on your list? Have you ever been a bit flummoxed about why somebody gave _you_ a particular gift?
Giving gifts that a person doesn’t want is a waste of money (and, often, time). Why not just give a gift card?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE gift cards–giving AND receiving them!

Some people feel that gift cards are impersonal. Yet, studies show that recipients LOVE receiving gift cards and appreciate the giver’s generosity and thoughtfulness. Yes, thoughtfulness–because the recipient can pick out something he or she really loves!
Also, if you want to express your creativity, choose gift cards from fun stores or for unusual experiences.

My father often gives me gift cards to Starbucks, which I LOVE. When he doesn’t give me a gift card, he often gives something I will really never use (regifting, anyone?? discussion for another day…).
Wouldn’t your sister love a spa gift card?
Wouldn’t your brother love a sporting goods gift card?

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Need ideas for which gift card to give?
Think restaurants, salons, retail stores, specialty stores…the recipient will have a lot more to choose from than if you picked one thing yourself.
Most gift cards can be used online or in stores, so they are very convenient. Cards for dining out are always a good idea, because everybody needs to eat and they will enjoy relaxing and not worrying about the bill!

You can wrap the gift card creatively (with a batch of home-made cookies, perhaps) and watch the smiles ensue!

What about gift cards for kids?
Here I would indeed hesitate a bit.
Obviously, you can pick out toys & clothes for your own children and don’t need to give them gift cards.
For other children, you might check with their mom first, because she might not want them out on a shopping experience unless they are above a certain age.
Besides, kids get much more excited about unwrapping a toy (even if they never play with it) than adults do.

In general, though, you don’t need to be shy or embarrassed about giving a gift card–trust me, you’ll become known as a great gift-giver!!

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